F*CK FIFTY Botanical Face Serum was developed by 50-year-olds for any skintype and any age.

After researching the world over for natural plants that could enhance cell turnover, tighten pores, and smooth wrinkles we have developed a multi-correctional face oil that is saturated with the secrets of some the world’s most nutrient-rich pants. Our special formulation is an amalgamation of skin tightening minerals, cell pumping phytonutrients, antioxidants, luminosity making phytoceramides, and skin pumping fatty acids.

Pat it on as often as you need throughout the day, under or on top of whatever you have on, and feel the glow that comes from this dynamic natural blend of the world’s most coveted beauty enhancing ingredients.

F *CK FIFTY Botanical Face Serum

  • F*ck Fifty Botanical Face Serum is an all-natural face oil containing 27 plant-based ingredients sourced from all over the globe & used traditionally by women of many cultures for centuries to promote beautiful, radiant skin. These potent ingredients which include powerful adaptogens, vitamins and antioxidants have the power to replenish, nourish and repair the skin. It's results are so quick, you'll soon be looking in the mirror saying, "I look beautiful, F*CK FIFTY!"


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